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« on: December 11, 2011, 19:34:31 »
Hot or Not Rules

The Hot or Not section was set up as a place for members to post reports on ladies that they have seen and not general chit chat.

Any posts which are deemed to be general chat will be removed.

This allows other users to be able to clearly read reports only about the ladies and not have to wade through unnecessary posts.

Should you wish to "discuss" a lady, please do so in Hot or not chat or one of the other relevant sections

This will also prevent people posting JUST to push the ladies name back to the top.

Posts will be removed if deemed as being any of the following:

•Deemed not to be a Report. (a report which says saw x today, she was great, Is not good enough).
•General "Chatting" : If you wish to "discuss" a lady, go to the Hot or Not Chat or Manchester Scene Chat board or one of the relevant other boards.
•A False Report
•Personal slurs or insults.
•A report which only serves a means to "bump" a lady to the top of the board.

General Guidelines. Please follow.

•Before you start a new thread check to see if a thread already exists. Duplicate threads will be merged.
•Threads can be listed in alphabetical order by clicking onto Subject.
•When writing a report, please be as informative as possible.
•If you haven’t seen the girl .... THINK!!! .... Is this the section you should be posting in?
•Please do not reply to posts asking questions such as "what days does she work", or refer to other ladies at the same establishment.
•Ladies may reply to posts if they feel that it is unfair and have a valid reason for giving a rebuttal. Please do not reply to posts to say "Thanks". This can be done on other boards or via the PM System.

Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to delete a post for any reason given above or for other reasons that they deem necessary.

ANGEL and the Lbb Admin Team
TheLBB wants everyone to be the same online as they are in real life. We aren't paranoid don't ban dozens of people a day and don't welcome made up misogynistic personas. We dont hide behind computers


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