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« on: May 07, 2011, 18:05:44 »
Name: Mel

Establishment:  Private flat above cafe in Stockport

Website: Adultworks: subslutmel4u

Date of Visit: 07/05/2011

Time: 3.30 pm for 1 hr

Basic Price: £120 (incall)

Description of lady: Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Decent body, small tits, hairy bush, nice arse.

Very pleasant girl, lots of txts to make sure I knew where to go. She arrived on time but well hung over from the night before. Looked tired.
Nice chat & coffee before we started. Then she went off to get changed, came back, jumped on the bed and we got into it.
I had booked the extreme domination service (me dominating her) & I suppose the conversation re; being tired and hungover should have warned me, but she did not seem to be on form at all. Everything seemed to be ultra sensitive. Saying that she did warm up with a good spanking and her deep throat was very good. No way was she up to a fisting or anal, so didn't even bother trying. Very disappointing. 
The rest of the service was good and by the end she was warmed up enough to beg for a god fucking, which she got.
She certainly came a couple of times when playing with her cunt and spanking her arse, and again when I fucked her.

In relation to the comments made about Mel by others on here;
No, she did not smell of smoke at all. Smelt clean and fresh.
Yes the flat was untidy, but not a mess and definitely not the worst I've seen, and it was clean.
Could there have been somebody else in the flat. Impossible, its a one bed flat and tiny.
No, she did not steal any money from my wallet or trousers.
She also switched her phone off, so we were not disturbed.

Would I see her again. Yes, but only if I knew she was on form and not hungover.

Rating: 6 out of 10
Don't drink water, fish have sex in it !!


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